Here it is! The new site is launched!

March 5, 2009

The sparkly new web site is finally here!

It’s called Beyond Little House, and you can get to it this way.


Stay Tuned!

January 18, 2009

Sorry for the long hiatus, but the wait will be worth it. A new and improved blog is on the way!

The Friendly Complaint

December 3, 2008

Nancy at Pioneer Girl strikes again — and in a big way. She’s sleuthed out the legal complaint filed by Friendly Family Productions against Independence and has posted it on her web site. It’s 31 pages, and it’s eye-opening. Thank you, Nancy.

Bill Kurtis Featured in Chicago Tribune

December 2, 2008

Bill Kurtis is a class act. Bill Kurtis is funny. Bill Kurtis is the subject of this article in the Chicago Tribune. It’s a good read anyway, but make sure you read until the end for Info on the lawsuit tucked on the second page. Excerpt:

“The Kansas museum is flouting the law,” says Trip Friendly, head of Friendly Family Productions. “They will tell you they are only operating a small museum in Kansas, but the fact is that Mr. Kurtis and his sister are running a vigorous retail store on the Internet … selling a wide variety of unauthorized merchandise bearing the Little House on the Prairie mark.”

Mmmmmm kay.

Little House Musical Web Site Is Up!

November 19, 2008

Psst … there’s a new Little House website out there. The national tour of “Little House on the Prairie: The Musical” begins next fall and it’s got a companion web site. Check this space as content is added to the musical’s website. Right now it’s sparse and temporary, but enter your email address and they’ll send you updates.

Dad Doesn’t Always Know Everything

November 18, 2008

Now that I have a son, I think about the Little House books from the male point of view more and more. Every once in a while, I even think about asking the Man of the Place to read them. But I don’t, because I know he’d do it. And I know he doesn’t have the time. But I do have a little internal chuckle thinking of him reading about Laura and Almanzo’s courtship or Ma’s delaine.

So I was tickled to read this post by a guy reading Little Town on the Prairie to his kids. Oh no, it’s time for Mary to go to college? What does he know about making clothes? As his kids found out, not all that much.

The Long Winter Knows Narrative Arc

November 16, 2008

The imminent recession seems to have brought out the Little House reader in all of us. Especially readers of The Long Winter.

First Lizzie Skurnick dedicates a Fine Lines column to The Long Winter and its parallels to today’s financial atmosphere.

Now here’s the latest, an essay from the Globe and Mail. It’s a finely crafted piece on appreciating the narrative arc in The Long Winter — arguably the only book in the series with a genuine plot — and lamenting the media advising us on how best to exist in this financial landscape before we’re truly mired in the worst of it.

Plus there’s cool stuff about dollhouses.