“And there’s where I used to buy my Nellie wigs …”

I just ran across this Nellie Oleson tour. An elite tour agency (they’re even unabashedly called “Elite Adventure Tours”) will set you up with a private tour led by Alison Arngrim. On the burned-out, blown-up Little House set, you ask? No, for four hours, TV’s favorite pioneer princess will show you the sights of Hollywood, which is where she grew up. (Who knew she lived at the Chateau Marmont during the “swinging sixties”?)

I’d love to hang out with Alison –- something tells me she’d be rather like Rose, a great entertainer and storyteller –- but if I’ve got an extra three grand to burn I’d rather book a flight to South Dakota, drive over to Walnut Grove, swing down to Burr Oak, then head back north to Pepin.

How often do these tours actually run? Maybe I’ll try to get in touch with her sometime for an interview. I know she does standup, and I’ve seen references to her show “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch.” I wonder if she still performs that.

-sandra hume


One Response to “And there’s where I used to buy my Nellie wigs …”

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    I once saw Alison’s commentary about LIW, LHOP tv show, etc. She commented that she would not be a good fit for the late 19th century; there were no lemon drop martinis and no botox back then. Great sense of humor.

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