On ostrich feathers …

I’ve been reminded just how valuable and supportive a community like this can be—an online meeting place, a hub of common interest and support. In my introductory post and on the “About” page, I had the audacity to claim that Laura’s poke bonnet had ostrich feathers on it. The lovely and talented Diana Birchall quickly corrected me – it was the cream-colored hat, not the poke bonnet, that Laura re-sewed the ostrich feathers onto so tightly. 

There are hundreds of details between the covers of all the Little House books. We can’t memorize them all. We can only collect them in the place in our hearts and minds that pulls Laura in. We can share them and laugh over them, weave them into our spoken and written sentences, pull them from our memory when the time is right. Perhaps we can try to get every fact correct, to memorize every detail so that we never misspeak. I can’t. What’s more, I don’t want to. I want to rely on my imperfect memory, as Laura did when she sat down to write her life story. I want my own experiences to color how I see the world of Little House and how I remember it. Stories are only as big as the people who read them. I want Little House to remain amorphous and out there, not contained—or constrained—between two covers, or even within my mind. 

It’s so much bigger than that.

-sandra hume

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