Colliding Worlds

I would never be admitting this without reason, but sometimes my TiVo inexplicably picks up episodes of ABC Family’s equine soap opera, Wildfire. And OK, sometimes I watch it. While I’m folding laundry.

 The most recent episode I watched featured a company that attended a dude ranch as a teambuilding exercise. The team leader, a male in his forties, seemed straight out of a self-help book, with trust falls and “let’s process our feelings” and the whole nine. Sort of an amusing, albeit annoying, character to watch. Something was disturbingly familiar about this character, and not too far into the episode I thought I had it. But could it be, really? I kept wondering all through the episode, when finally I had to check to be certain. 

Yep, I was right. 

Andy Garvey. 

Though he’s still more impressive in Summer School (the guy with the football), or even as “my dead gay son” (where he also, curiously, was last seen clutching a football).


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