Previews on the Play

Esther commented below on “The Play’s the Thing,” but in case you missed it, here’s her recap of play news, as well as a request:

As most of you probably know, there was a sneak peek at the Guthrie yesterday for the Little House musical. A blogging friend of mine, Steve on Broadway, was there and filed a report.

I also posted something on my blog, including links to the Guthrie Web site where you can hear from the director, Francesca Zambello, and short clips from three songs. I also included links from other media coverage of the event, which you might find interesting.  

I’m planning my first-ever trip to Minnesota this fall to visit friends and take in the musical. Before I go, I was thinking about re-reading some of the Little House books. Any suggestions where I should start if I don’t have time to read all of them? I loved them as a girl, but I haven’t looked at them in probably 35 years. The musical will focus on a teenage Laura in the 1880s, so that’s where I’d like to focus.

What say you, Laura Ingalls Wilder fans? Let’s help Esther out. Where should she start if she wants to get a sense for the teenage Laura?  Myself, I’d first suggest all the De Smet books — By The Shores of Silver Lake (which starts in Minnesota), The Long Winter, Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden Years. But then I’d say heck, just read ’em all — once you start with one, Laura will go from her fifth birthday to marriage before you know it.   


Back to the play, news stories have been trickling in since the preview. An Associated Press story has been making the rounds regarding the preview, but the information is pretty much what we’ve already heard. The more locally flavored story in the Pioneer Press (and who else read the Pioneer Press???) reminds us that the play was workshopped last spring with Melissa Gilbert as Ma and Patrick Swayze as Pa. (Best wishes to you, Johnny Castle, for a full recovery.)

Tickets go on sale June 27.


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