A Review of Rose’s Libertarian Manifesto

Still contemplating whether to read The Discovery of Freedom, Rose Wilder Lane’s manifesto that came to serve as a handbook for libertarianism? (Recall that Roger Lea MacBride was the Libertarian presidential candidate in 1976.)

Here’s a review.

According to William Holtz in Ghost in the Little House, Rose was working on a “perennial” revision of The Discovery of Freedom in her final years. She never completed it.

Confession: The book is on my shelf; I can see it from where I sit right now. But I haven’t braved opening it yet.


2 Responses to A Review of Rose’s Libertarian Manifesto

  1. Isabel Ganz says:

    The Discovery of Freedom is also sitting unread on my bookshelf. Yesterday I received a copy of Little House, Long Shadow by Anita Clair Fellman. The blurb on the dust jacket says, in part, “Fellman argues that the popularity of these books – abetted by Lane’s overtly libertarian views – helped lay the groundwork for a negative response to big government and a positive view of political individualism, contributing to the acceptance of contemporary conservatism….” I may have to delve into The Discovery of Freedom to see how it contributes to Fellman’s point of view. It should be interesting, if I can find the time.

  2. Connie says:

    Brave the reading of ‘The Discovery of Freedom’, Sandra. It goes quickly and will be worth it, especially in this election year, to hear the clear, concise and dynamic voice of Rose Wilder Lane. Even though she never corrected her errors, she gets the big picture so right. Then, read the new ‘Little House, Long Shadow’ by Anita Clare Fellman – just in my mailbox today – to get a 2008 perspective of the independent/libertarian political influence threading through the LH books. I am starting this today!


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