Friday Comment Roundup – May 9, 2008

I first want to ask that you please forgive me if I don’t keep up with comment approval promptly. Sometimes in my eagerness and excitement I forget that I have to approve new posters. I’ll get better.


So many of the comments y’all have sent in are too delicious to hide in the comment window, so I’m bringing them out in the sun.


Thanks to the fans here, I’ve learned that my favorite typo, the one from Little Town on the Prairie, isn’t in at least one Sewell-illustrated edition.


Then Nansie got specific and asked: I don’t see that typo in any of my copies of LTP; which editon/cover are you reading?


To which I answer: I’m one of those lazy fans who doesn’t collect different editions, so the only two copies I have in my possession are from the yellow set I was given in the very early 80s and the similar-looking blue set published in 1971 (purchased recently on eBay). I don’t own any single Sewell-illustrated books.


Nansie also says: My favorite was the line in TLW that Pa would have to bring in the hay in his teeth, one BALE at a time!!


Now that’s the kind of thing my fandom would cause me to overlook. Funny how our brains do that, isn’t it? I bet I found a way to rationalize the use of “bale” there. I’m trying to recall … wasn’t it supposed to be “blade”? It seems I remember reading that in the book I read the most.


Susan uncovered an uncanny similarity in the six-degrees realm, which I will quote verbatim, I love it so much:


Here’s a “Six Degrees of Separation” kind of thing: another actress has played both the child and “mother” roles in the same story — Patty Duke has played both Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. And when she played Annie Sullivan, Helen Keller was played by . . . Melissa Gilbert!


Jackie, poor girl, admitted to never having read the Little House books. Jackie, I agree with Dakotagirl, you are certainly in for a treat if you do read them. Please report back if you do.


Connie, Jonni, and Dakotagirl are all in favor of a group meeting at the Lake Thompson lodge, perhaps next summer. I think this sounds promising and may merit the formation of a committee. What do you think? Maybe I’ll add a link to that here for interested parties on the blog.


And Dakotagirl, I do hope you can manage to make it to Malone. I know how hard arranging that kind of travel can be, so my fingers are crossed for you.


Connie provided some fabulous insight regarding all her travels to the Little House sites – she may just be the most well traveled Laura Ingalls Wilder fan out there. Her comment is so full of useful travel nuggets that you all should just go and read it in its entirety.


And Connie, I promise not to tell my kids about the pancake men in advance! Thanks for the info on wifi in Ward’s – I for one always appreciate knowing that.


Sarah Sue reminds us that staying on Ingalls Homestead is the way to guarantee a sunrise experience in De Smet. And both she and Connie make sure we remember the Kingsbury Country Club in De Smet, where I too have eaten a few times. And it’s under new ownership, Connie? Good to know!


Amy also responded to my post on “Managing” by shedding new light on Laura’s handling of Clarence at the Brewster School –- a shrewd observation that hadn’t occurred to me:


I always thought it was interesting how Laura “punished” Clarence by making him write his spelling words on the blackboard, then later she “rewarded” Ruby by allowing her to write her spelling words on the blackboard. The same task can be a reward or a punishment, depending on how it is presented. Just like Tom Sawyer and the job of whitewashing the fence.


I leave you with these lovely thoughts from Connie about the Psalm Laura used to turn to when traveling.

One Response to Friday Comment Roundup – May 9, 2008

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    You’re right about the typo Sandra. I checked my yellow cover paperback and it definitely says “blues eyes”. I had never noticed it before, but these are my research working copies and are in awful shape, not meant for reading.

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