Fire On The Pageant Stage

I’ve been planning a post on the awesomeness of the pageants for a while, even though, frankly, I’m not completely qualified to do so. I’ve seen only the De Smet one, and just one time. But the pageants – large-scale, outdoor plays based on the Little House books –- are a big part of the Laura Ingalls Wilder experience in De Smet, Walnut Grove, and Mansfield (thanks, Nansie!) and one of the most unique experiences a Little House traveler can absorb.

The photos I took of the De Smet pageant weren’t up to snuff, so I leave you with one of the best pageant photos I’ve ever seen, taken in Walnut Grove by fan Susan Gaissert’s husband while she was busy watching. Says Susan:

This photo was taken by my husband, Steve. I was too mesmerized by the whole experience to step out of the moment and use a camera. The photo was taken at the Walnut Grove pageant in 2006. It was a very cozy, homey experience. The entire town seems to take part in it. There are refreshment stands and souvenir stands, but nothing is glitzy or overdone. Everyone there looked so happy. My husband took a picture of me sitting in the audience before the pageant started, and I have never before or since seen myself with such a calm, happy expression on my face. My family will never forget that pageant.

And here’s the fab photo:


… prairie fire?


2 Responses to Fire On The Pageant Stage

  1. nansie says:

    Mansfield has a great pagent also!!

  2. Dakotagirl says:

    I have seen the DS pageant twice. There is nothing like sitting on the Dakota prairie at sunset (unless it’s close to 85-90 degrees like 2005)

    I want to see the WG production some day. I have heard it is really a great performance.

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