Laura Ingalls Wilder Haiku *

It’s handmade nails or
nothing when it’s forty miles
to Independence

He proposed; she was
shrewd. The ring won her, not him.
Garnet and two pearls.

Rolling on the ground
on the Dakota prairie?
Do check for grass stains.

Ominous dark cloud
blots out stars one by one. So
much for a breather.

Pantry. Labor of
love or labor of debt? But
those bins! How handy!

Mailed invitation.
Lemonade and oranges.
Fun at the depot.

Your turn now!

*Thanks for inspiration.


8 Responses to Laura Ingalls Wilder Haiku *

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    Sandra, I love it. I will put my imagination to work and see what I can come up with.

  2. sgaissert says:

    Country girls leave home,
    on chicken legs with short skirts,
    heading off to school.

    Cap and Almanzo
    braved the blizzard wind and cold,
    bringing back the wheat.

    Pa played his fiddle.
    Ma wore her delaine so fine.
    Three girls danced with joy.

    After “Plum Creek,” and
    starting “Silver Lake,” my child
    cried out, “Too sad. Stop.”

  3. rachelbirds says:

    I loved LIW
    as a girl. In my head we
    were interchangable.

  4. Amy says:

    Melissa Gilbert
    Playing Ma at the Guthrie
    I must buy tickets!

    In other news, at least for fiber crafters, Piecework Magazine this month has a gorgeous pattern for a crocheted doily that was developed after one Laura made that’s in one of the museums (Missouri, I think–don’t have the magazine right with me).

  5. Jonni says:

    leaving the prairie
    land of the big red apple
    will be our new home

  6. Amy, I was going to blog about this tomorrow …! Thanks. I love how we all look out for each other.

  7. Dakotagirl says:

    Lemonade is sweet
    Until cake is sweeter still
    Country girls love it

    Frost plums grew wild then
    Everything green locusts devour
    Creek is trickling now.

    The man of the place came up with some good ones. I will post a couple of his tonight.

  8. Dakotagirl says:

    From the man of the place, aka David

    the prairie at night
    a halo in the heavens
    a right lovely sight

    life on the prairie
    a long legged snipe is she
    not ordinary

    i hear pa’s fiddle
    pigtails in the prairie breeze
    child in the middle

    girl in a bonnet
    going about her business
    much like a sonnet

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