I’ve never been precious about flowers. I love wildflowers, pussy willows, cattails—basically anything you can gather on the side of the road. I’m indifferent to hothouse roses and lilies, which are lovely but lack soul. The same goes for bouquets and floral arrangements … A big mess of a bouquet stuck in a Mason jar makes me happy in the most peculiar way.

~Jennifer Worick, The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life, 2007

The Man of the Place brought me a bouquet of wild flowers this morning. It has been a habit of his for years. He never brings me cultivated flowers but always the wild blossoms of field and woodland and I think them much more beautiful.

~Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Missouri Ruralist, 1917

For more on Jennifer Worick and her fabulous new book, The Prairie Girl’s Guide to Life, see her interview in the upcoming issue of the Homesteader.


3 Responses to Synchronicity

  1. Jonni says:

    It’s a sweet picture, Almanzo out there gathering wildflowers for Laura. Thanks!

  2. Dakotagirl says:

    There are still a lot of wildflowers that bloom around the farmhoue at Rocky Ridge and also along Laura’s Pathway to Home. The lilacs in the front yard of the farmhouse alway smell so good.

    Almanzo was a real sweethert inside that gruff exterior!

  3. sgaissert says:

    For my wedding reception (which was held in the backyard and featured a piano player as the musical entertainment), I basically requested a “big mess of a bouquet stuck in a Mason jar” from the florist, as a decoration for the top of the piano. Of course, florists don’t do “big messes,” so I got a formal arrangement. Bor-ing. I should have let “The Man of the Place” handle it.

    Looking forward to reading that Homesteader interview!

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