Blogging For All of Us

Lately I’ve been corresponding with Laura Ingalls Wilder fans for all sorts of reasons. Trip planning, email groups, working on the Homesteader, conference brainstorming, not to mention simply readers of this blog.

I love Laura fans. I do. Equally, I love the homesites. I support and respect everyone who contributes to preserving Laura Ingalls Wilder’s legacy.

I published my first issue of the Homesteader in 2002. I started blogging shortly thereafter. It never occurred to me to blog only about Laura Ingalls Wilder. But it’s funny: since I started blogging about Laura, the more I dig in, the more I want to dig. The more I want to share with other fans and find out what they have to say. I’ve already learned so much simply from the comments shared here. I consider this blog to be an organic amalgam of the Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, reflecting what we think about, what we care about, and what we believe–even if we don’t all agree.

Today the Homesteader has 12 back issues. I’m currently working on the 13th. Virtually every subscriber who discovers the newsletter immediately orders all the back issues. I never imagined that back in 2002, when I put a few pages together to show my support for the homesites–Ingalls Homestead in particular–that we’d still be printing, stronger than ever, six years later. The Homesteader is sold in homesite gift shops. It’s mailed to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum and kept with the rest of the LIW archives. Some things have changed — postal rate increases haven’t made things easy, and subscribers may see a change in the issues’ packaging this issue or next –but it’s always been universal in its quest to bring together all fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder, wherever they may be, no matter their age, no matter their gender. It’s a publication by Laura fans, for Laura fans.

And so it goes for this blog. I do all of the writing right now, but I want to stress that any fan is welcome to submit a post. Got some long-ruminated thoughts on Eliza Jane? What about Laura and Rose’s sewing? What’s your opinion on Almanzo the elder vs. Almanzo the (fictional) younger?

What do you want to share?

If you feel compelled to share, please do so. Your contribution is always welcome.



4 Responses to Blogging For All of Us

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    Thank you Sandra for creating the Only Laura blog. It is great fun to come hear and read your posts as well as the comments from all the LIW fans.

    The Homesteader: It is always a great read. I have my back issues in a 3-ring binder for protection. You should consider a booklet one day; The Best of the Homesteader.

    2009 Conference: I think I found photos of the lodge you are referring to on Lake Thompson. It looks like a great place for a conference. $200 per night for 12 people, that’s less than $20 per person per night.

  2. Dennis D. Picard says:

    Okay, you mentioned the idea of what might be on our minds. It hasn’t been there for long. It just came to me this morning: I work a lot with mid to late 19th and early 20th century children’s literature – you know the Horatio Alger kinds of stuff. Some of these are even set in the same locals as the Little House series. I’m reading a series now , from 1869 – 1889, by a Maine minister Elijah Kellogg. How does the style and content of Laura’s work fit into that period’s body of works. Is her romanticism, good versus evil, what is right and what is wrong, really any different than the other literature for the juvenile market of that period? If not, why has it survived and not the others?
    Just something to think about.

  3. Jonni says:

    I’m one of those subscribers who just *had* to order all the back issues. I took them on vacation with me recently to read but found that there were so many interesting “tidbits” of information that I wanted to remember, I had to start reading them with a notepad handy so that I wouldn’t forget anything.

  4. Esther says:

    Casting has been announced for the Little House on the Prairie musical at the Guthrie Theater in July. I just posted an item about it on my blog. Just wanted to let you know!

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