Opening It Up To The Audience

As I’m wrapping up the Summer 2008 edition of the Homesteader, my husband and I are discussing upcoming issues.

This isn’t an abnormal occurrence. Typically I start out each issue thinking I might not have enough copy, then undoubtedly I end up cutting for space because I’ve just got too darn much. True to form, that’s what I’m dealing with now. It’s not a bad problem to have. So now, with my husband as a sounding board, I’m ruminating over what gets held until next issue, what gets printed now, and — new this time — what ends up on the blog.

My husband, besides being the Dad who gives piggy back rides and always says yes to ice cream when Mom wants to say no, is also my business partner. He’s become a de facto Laura fan, though he’s never read the books. That may seem like a liability, but it’s That’s sort of a plus. He doesn’t have any emotional investment in the content, so he can think clearly and give me sound advice.

So tonight, as I’m thinking about upcoming issues, he makes a suggestion that’s so obvious it would never have occurred to me. I would have circled around it. I might even have thought of it, transiently, but I would have dismissed it before it crystallized. But he’s right. Rather than figure things out on my own, I should just turn to all of you — the fans.

What would you like to see in the Homesteader? What would you like to read about or learn about? What, even, would you like to write?

Polls are open. And if you’re reading well after the posted date, share anyway. We at the Homesteader will always want to know what Laura Ingalls Wilder fans are interested in.

3 Responses to Opening It Up To The Audience

  1. sgaissert says:

    I like any article that makes me see Laura in a new way. I like the book reviews. I like historical perspectives (e.g., Dennis Picard’s article on ice harvesting). As I write this, I realize I like everything you include in The Homesteader, so I guess my opinion isn’t going to help much here!

  2. Jonni says:

    I’d love to know more about some of the people who run the homesites and what it’s like to be so involved in LIW all year ’round.

    Another idea is to do interviews with some of the people who do LIW presentations across the country. I’m sure they have great stories.

  3. Erica Randall says:

    I love when i find out about new books on Laura!!! Maybe you could list some of the books you’ve enjoyed the most =)


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