Two LIW Experts You Should Meet

Today’s post is all about other people. This country is full of folks who dedicate much of their lives to furthering the study of Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’m just a fan. I write and I read and I talk about Laura. These people do the real digging. All I can do is tell you how awesome they are.

Sarah Sue Uthoff from Iowa is collecting letters from Laura Ingalls Wilder in conjunction with the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum in Walnut Grove, MN. Her blog, Sarah’s Notebook, chronicles this as well as her other Laura-related work, plus her areas of related expertise such as one-room schoolhouses.

Laura did indeed used to write to her readers who sent letters to her. If you know of anyone–and older relative, perhaps?–who has a copy of a letter from Laura Ingalls Wilder, visit Sarah’s LIW Letters page for how to tell her about it. Sarah’s been helping out on the Homesteader for years. I couldn’t do it without her.

Nansie Cleaveland has been researching Laura Ingalls Wilder full-time for well over a decade. I’m comforable saying she knows more about Laura Ingalls Wilder than any other person on the planet. And whatever she finds out, she’s always the first to know. Yesterday her blog, From Laura Ingalls Wilder to CyberBessie, alerted us that Melissa Gilbert has inked a deal to write her memoir — information I haven’t seen anywhere else. CyberBessie’s blog posts are fascinating and fact-filled. If you haven’t visited yet, plan to stay a while.


2 Responses to Two LIW Experts You Should Meet

  1. sgaissert says:

    Thank you, Sandra. I’ve read Sarah Sue’s work in The Homesteader and heard about Nansie, but it was wonderful to find out exactly what they do. We fans are lucky to have them!

  2. Erica Randall says:

    thanks for all this great info!!!!


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