Tuesday Night Wrap-Up

Many thanks to Laura Ingalls Wilder fan Rebecca for alerting us to this month-long blogathon on Laura. Much food for thought there. Go take a look! Wilder blogging is everywhere!

On the administrative side of things — I call it administrivia — check the right-hand side of the page for the email link to sign up for an upcoming (we’re thinking Summer 2009) Laura Ingalls Wilder conference in De Smet, South Dakota. I’ve received a lot of emails of interest, so if you haven’t sent yours, please throw your name in the hat to be involved in any and all planning.

The end of the comment contest is almost here! I expect to do the drawing for Pa’s big green book sometime after May 31. But I need to get all the comments in a perfectly random order first, so that might take some time.

For those of you with feedreaders, don’t forget to subscribe to Only Laura’s RSS, right over there too.

Finally, as I thought, Dennis from western Massachusetts — gentleman and scholar that he is — helped out Susan with her ice-house questions.

And I must add — who knew there were that many Farmer Boy newbies in the ranks of Laura fans! I love all of you for your confessions.


One Response to Tuesday Night Wrap-Up

  1. sgaissert says:

    Summer 2009. I’d better start saving change in a jar right now.

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