Comment Contest Closed

Yes, I’m a little late, as we’re well into June already, aren’t we?

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the comment contest! I am going to use the Man of the Place’s handy-dandy Excel skills to help me randomly generate a comment from the dozens and dozens readers have submitted throughout the month of May. I’m so glad that you continue to read — a blog is only as good as the readers who visit it. I’m having so much fun writing about Laura Ingalls Wilder, her sites, and the way she infiltrates all of our lives in poignant, interesting, and downright funny ways.

We’ll have another comment contest soon. I’ve got another prize to offer, though perhaps not as grand as Pa’s “big green book,” The Wonders of the Animal World. I expect to be able to announce the winner of that prize by mid-next week.

I wish you all luck. I wish I had one for everyone!

One Response to Comment Contest Closed

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    Thank you for donating a big green book Sandra. When you get back from the east, get in touch with me, I have a few things to choose from for a prize too.

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