Mansfield on TV

Hello again, fellow Laura enthusiasts. I was gone this past weekend and tried to make my absence seamless by prescheduling some posts. It only half-worked. Thus, you’ll see another post below this one that was supposed to show up on the 7th, and is dated that way. But I only posted it a moment ago. Serves me right for trying to sneak around.

Here’s something that landed in my in-box while I was gone. It’s not the most exhaustive or entertaining of reports, but they did get a TV camera into Mansfield. (You’ll have to withstand a short car ad first.)

I also freed a few comments that had been backed up in the queue.

I’ll be traveling again starting this coming Friday, leading up to the event in Malone a week from Saturday. I do plan to post from the road, so keep your feeds pointed here!


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