Sorry For My Absence

Edited to add: I got my ticket! I got it for the Sunday of Pepin’s Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, September 14. It will be my first visit to Pepin. Do let me know if you plan to be in the area at the same time.

My sincere apologies for my absence.

I’ve just returned from three weeks on the road with my children. The trip itself was wonderful — if exhausting — but in terms of this blog, my plans were a bust. Wireless access was sporadic, and even when I could connect, I underestimated my ability to sit down and type while acting as a single mother. (I think I expected to have loads of time after my kids were in bed, but it turned out I was so worn out that most nights I slept when they did. So much for productivity.)

Then, I wasn’t home for 24 hours when my computer went kerflooey. Blue screen of death. Twice. The Man of the Place, aka The Best Technical Support In The World, is currently trying to retrieve my data about as hard as I’m trying to pretend it’s not lost.

So here I am on the laptop on my couch, not my ideal mode for writing, but perhaps I’ll warm to it.

One more update: Upon my return, I planned to randomly and scientifically select a winner for Pa’s big green book in the comment contest. Unfortunately, all the comments — at least in the form I was going to use to select the winner — exist on that old computer. So you’ll have to wait a little longer for that. Again, I apologize.

More soon on my Malone trip as well as the Laura thoughts that have been coursing through my head.

Oh! I never did get my Guthrie tickets. Are they even still available? Anyone got an extra?


5 Responses to Sorry For My Absence

  1. Rebecca says:

    Welcome back. Traveling always throws off any routine, and there’s no reason to apologize for not being online while on vacation anyway! 🙂

    You’d best go to the Guthrie site RIGHT NOW and order tickets if you have any hope of going. There are a few tickets here and there left, but not many…

    Good luck with your computer revival and data retrieval. I’ve been telling myself lately I need to do a backup as it’s been awhile. Maybe this is the BIG HINT I need to get it done… !!

  2. Dakotagirl says:

    Welcome back Sandra! Very sorry to hear about your technical problems. I’m sure the man of the place will have things purring in no time. BTW, when he does, we need to get another Scrabulous game going on Facebook.

    Zoie, you are right about backing up. I have tons of data files I need to back up. I bought several 8 gig thumb drives for the occasion, but have yet to get started.

  3. Amy says:

    Yes, check the Guthrie right away. They’re saying this is the top-selling production they’ve ever done, including last year’s King Lear with Ian McKellen. I scored a ticket to a weekday matinee. Can hardly wait!

  4. Dennis D. Picard says:

    Good luck with the data. I had a “mother board” that fried on me a couple of years back and I despaired that everything I had on my hard drive was toasted too, but a local guy referred to me by word of mouth got everything back with only one letter/document corrupted – hurrah! Thank goodness there are folks like that out there- and he wasn’t even under 20years old! Now with “memory sticks” with scores of “gigs” for storage I’ve endeavored to be better at backing stuff up. It just takes one really bad scare.

  5. Esther says:

    I have a post on my blog in advance of the first preview tonight. There are links to an interview from the St. Paul Pioneer Press with Kara Lindsay and a Playbill interview with Rachel Sheinkin. And as you probably know, Little House has already been extended for two weeks due to the high ticket demand!

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