Fresh From the Garden

“It is so hot,” Ma said. “I believe I will have cottage cheese balls with onions in them, and the cold creamed peas. Suppose you bring some lettuce and tomatoes from the garden, Laura.”

Today I was at a Farmer’s Market in my town. And by “Farmer’s Market” I mean “guy selling produce on the street.” It was darn good produce, though. I scored two cucumbers, three tomatoes, five new potatoes, two beets, three carrots, a yellow squash, and two red onions — for ten bucks and a nickel.

The red onions were the final selection, and as I chose them I thought about my relationship with onions. I don’t like onions. As an adult I have learned to eat them cooked, as in onion rings, or chopped up small and flavored up big, as in salsa. But for the most part, onions, like egg salad and olives, are on my List.

Yet when I first read these lines, and at every reading thereafter, I salivated. Cottage cheese balls with onions? Bring ’em on! Creamed peas? Better yet, cold creamed peas? Where’s my fork? For some reason, I picture the onion-studded cottage cheese balls centered on a lettuce leaf placemat, with a few adorning tomato slices.

Even after all these years, with the steamy days of July in full force this still sounds like the perfect summer meal.


One Response to Fresh From the Garden

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    Your produce sounds delish. I do like onions, but don’t eat them much. I do not like the after taste they leave in my mouth.

    Usually after eating them, I wake up in the middle of the night with an awful taste in my mouth and it is very hard to get rid of.

    The only ones that are tolerable in the aftertaste department are Vidalias from Georgia, but they re not available year round. Vidalias are delicious grilled, brushed occasionally with Newman’s Own Italian Dressing.

    Of course I do make exceptions when I make apples ‘n onions. I usually fix them along with a pork roast or center cut pork chops. YUM!

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