What Laura Quotes Do You Like?

I’m about to embark on a creative project where I’ll be pulling together the best of what Laura Ingalls Wilder has to say. And by “Laura” I’m speaking broadly — I’m considering the Little House books, the lovely Ruralist columns, her speeches, or even something Rose said about her mother.

I know I’ll enjoy the project and am looking forward to it. To get my wheels turning, I thought I’d turn it out to my blog readers, the foremost Laura fans I know:

What are your favorite Laura quotes, truisms, or platitudes? I know I’ll come up with much more as I dig, but at the moment, mine is Ma’s “Wisdom’s Ways.” (Didn’t someone here recently say they liked that too?)


3 Responses to What Laura Quotes Do You Like?

  1. jen johnson says:

    First four years – on being pregnant and having morning sickness.

    “Those that dance must pay the fiddler.”

  2. ronna says:

    “You may kiss me good night” from These Happy Golden Years … sooooo romantic …

  3. 'B. says:

    I actually said this out loud last night, stopped, and then thought, “That’s from Little House.”

    “There is no great loss without some small gain.”

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