He Even Kind of Looks Like Dabbs Greer

This morning I should have gone to church, to the Methodist church we’ve started attending here on my daughter’s request. By “request,” I mean that she wants to go to the same place her friends go on Sunday mornings, with the added bonus of being in the same building as the preschool she attended. Even though I’m not a member of any organized religion and haven’t attended church regularly since I had a curfew, we went to church. I may be a heathen, but I’m not a heathen who will tell a five-year-old “No, you can’t go to church.” For the better part of the past year, we’ve been semi-regular churchgoers.

I like it. The atmosphere is welcoming, as are the people, and it’s just noncommittal enough that I feel like I can be on the campaign trail without declaring my intent to run for office.

A big reason for my comfort level there has been Pastor G. He’s been there for over a decade, and he’s beloved by all. I’ve run into him around town and talked to him enough to know he loves gooseberries and used to drive an Astro.

Only, Pastor G isn’t there anymore. He’s been reassigned to another part of the state. His last service was performed while I was traveling on the east coast. There was a big to-do to see him off, but I wasn’t here to attend. I didn’t even say goodbye.

Today, I would have met the new pastor, whom I’m told is quite lovely. I got a glimpse of him and his wife the other day surrounded by boxes on his front porch when I passed the parsonage during my run. But I can’t bring myself to want to meet him. I feel cheated. I finally started not just attending church, but enjoying it, and the biggest part of why was Pastor G.

I miss my pastor.

Tonight, while rationalizing our absence at church with the gas it took to drive (at 22 miles each way, this isn’t an idle excuse) and the niggling thought that my kids needed a day at home since we’d gone out of state the day before, I had a Laura thought. And then I had another one.

Pastor G was my Reverend Alden.

I hope the new Pastor isn’t Reverend Brown.


2 Responses to He Even Kind of Looks Like Dabbs Greer

  1. Dakotagirl says:

    “I hope the new Pastor isn’t Reverend Brown.”

    I hope not too Sandra.

    I am not part of any organized religion either. I was raised in the Southern Baptist Church as a child and as I grew to have a mind of my own, I really disliked having anything to do with them. They are very closed minded, too melodramatic, and like to get too involved in your personal family life. I can’t abide any of those.

    The man of the place was raised in the Methodist church and I do enjoy their services. I like a church that is there for you and vice versa, but doesn’t meddle.

    We have been invited to visit the local Episcopalian church. It is a very old, quaint church that has been here for close to 100 years. I would like to visit just to see the stained glass windows. I hear they are beautiful.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Reverend Brown’s “trick” has always deeply disturbed me. What kind of an example was he setting for his flock? The whole thing was just SO wrong and unjust, and it seemed like something should have been done about it once the deceit was found out. How could the Ingalls family go to church week after week and hear this man preach from the Word when they knew he wasn’t living the Word?

    Sandra, I definitely hope your new pastor is NOT a Reverend Brown!! Maybe you can be lucky enough to have TWO Reverend Aldens in your life. :o)

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