Ingalls Homestead Is For Tomboys

Now this is the kind of blog post I like to read. Go ahead, visit it. I’ll wait.

Nice, huh? Laura’s homesites are like good writing: you can return to them again and again and always find something worth sighing over. I also love how her sons decided Laura was cool when they realized she was a tomboy. I wonder how many Laura fans are self-described tomboys? I sure was when I was a kid. Come to think of it, I may still be yet. It wasn’t all that long ago that I invited myself to my friend’s bachelor party in lieu of his fiancee’s — also my friend — spa day with the girls. I like a good massage and mani-pedi, but compared to paintball? No question. Dress me in cammo and hand me some ammo. It’s like hide and seek for adults, only messier and with bruising.

And Chris at Bookhuntersholiday takes the most wonderful pictures. As I said in my comment, her photos make me want to take my kids to Ingalls Homestead right now. Everything she said is exactly as I remember it; even the things she mentioned that didn’t exist on my last visit still fit right into my memories.

Next time I go, I’m totally staying in the covered wagon.


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