August Haiku

Buck-toothed TV star
TV movies and SAG prez
Now onstage as Ma

Little House onstage
Laura and Nellie singing?
Stranger things, I guess.

Ink-stained Jake presents
Laura name cards over lunch
Handsome chauffeur back

No farmer for me
Not the life I want for us
I’ll give it four years

I said I’d bring meat
But watched the deer, bear and fawn
And just couldn’t shoot

Does the snow taste sweet?
He called it a sugar snow
Sneaky tongue taste — no

Screaming in the night
A mouse and a head of hair
Charles! Your hair’s been CUT!


One Response to August Haiku

  1. sgaissert says:

    More books to Broadway:
    Tap dancing on the creek bank,
    Deep snow on the stage.

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