Opening Weekend Reviews; Laura Ingalls Wilder Letters

Reviews abound! Take a look — read about the play courtesy of the Minneapolis-St. Paul and St. Paul newspapers, Variety, and Frontier Girl. Remember–there may be spoilers!

The Variety review wraps up with the following point: ” .. its faithfulness to the source (as well as its unwillingness to transcend the conventions of musical theater) leave an empty taste.” I read and reread this. Staying faithful to the books while still keeping it a musical, in this reviewer’s opinion, actually limits the potential of the show. Interesting.

Also, everyone seems to like the Laura-Mary duet, “I’ll Be Your Eyes.”

And I must be living under a rock. I only just discovered the new tricked-out web site for the musical (on the Guthrie theater site).

In other news, Sarah Sue Uthoff is making papers all over the country — including this one in my home state. (Sorry they put you in Minnesota, Sarah Sue.) Her “Letters from Laura Ingalls Wilder” collection project is getting a lot of attention. I hope it brings in more letters!

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