What’s In Your Laura Ingalls Wilder Display?

Here in our little house on the high plains, we’ve spent the last few weeks reallocating our space. That means a lot of furniture acquisition, and even more furniture banishment. It also means relocation of many objects, which often requires a shift in thinking. (Hey, how about I put the DVDs there? There’s totally room for them! Now I have this whole empty shelf space to work with!)

One set of belongings that has benefited from this reallocation is my Laura Ingalls Wilder “stuff.” It’s a sizeable enough collection, but I know I don’t have nearly the stash that a lot of LIW enthusiasts have accumulated. I used to be a completist, but the past decade or so I’ve been fighting my packratty tendencies. So I’ve only got a few things — a bread plate, a few gift-shop knick-knacks, some of Laura’s silver pattern — plus lots and lots of books.

I’m hoping a fan out there can help me with a problem I’ve come up against. Most of this stuff displays nicely, but I’m stuck on the silver. Just how does one display a serving spoon or two?

For that matter, fellow Laura fans, what does your “Laura area” look like? Here’s an idea. Let’s make this a long-term thing. I think all Laura fans would like to see one another’s fanspace. If you’ve got a cool space — even a room — dedicated to showcasing your Laura collection, snap a picture of it and tell us something about it. I’ll post all who submit right here.

But I still need suggestions for the silver.


6 Responses to What’s In Your Laura Ingalls Wilder Display?

  1. Dennis D. Picard says:

    Hey, it’s not LIW stuff, but a few years back I gathered some little artifacts – including a silver plated spoon – from the banks of the Mill River that had flooded after a damn failure in 1874 and swept away homes and businesses. Anyway, I used a shadowbox frame 10”x14”x2” deep, I picked up at my local big box store. I think it works well and doesn’t take up a lot of room

  2. Sarah Sue says:

    I think the shadowbox is a good idea, but make sure you can get back into it without destroying the box, in case it tarnishes. Jewelry stores oftendisplay silver against black velvet for best effect, so if you wanted to create some kind of cradle and then cover it with black velvet that might be another option.

    Sarah Sue

  3. jonni says:

    This is definitely a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately as I’ve recently acquired more Laura “stuff” and want to dig out all my old stuff (which is lingering in moving boxes due to 2 cross country moves recently) to create a display corner.

    I’ve thought of displaying one of my Laura spoons along with a teacup and saucer in one of Laura’s patterns (probably Blue Willow, yet to be acquired) in a sort of vignette on top of one of my shelves….maybe the spoon will be in the teacup, maybe it will be laid in front of it. I’m now going to use Sarah Sue’s idea and display all of this on a square of black velvet. 🙂

  4. sgaissert says:

    I have a full shelf, on a large bookcase, filled with Laura-related books, lots of framed photos from our trips to Walnut Grove and De Smet, and LH DVDs in the chest the TV sits on. I have a quilt square from the gift shop in WG that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. Looking forward to hearing what others have.

  5. Dakotagirl says:

    Sandra, I am what happens when you become a pack rat, don’t do it.

    I have several pieces of Crossed Discs glassware, some I have two of each. I have about 6 bread plates, multiple pieces of the pink china that is in the kitchen at Rocky Ridge, several blue cow creamers that is on display in the museum at RR, butter churn that is at museum at RR, numerous pieces of the Rogers Crown silverplate, several china shepherdess and other goodies from the giftshops, complete set of original LIW Lore.

    I want to get a few pieces of the Stangl blueberry pattern china that Rose used. It is on the kitchen table in the RWL section at RR. Rose also had a set of china with yellow roses that was made by Smith Taylor Smith in the Ever Yours design. Some of the pieces of it are on display in De Smet.

    Thanks to influence from Nansie, I am accumulating a good collection of research materials. I have the three microfilm from University of Missouri, the microfilm from the Pomona library, newspaper microfilm from SD archives, numerous copies of deeds, and other papers pertaining to LIW.

    I have a few pieces collected from the homesites: a small piece of wooden fence post that was laying on the ground at RR, a metal washer found on the floor of the basement at the Rock House, and some pecans and twigs that came from one the trees planted by Almanzo. The tree was destroyed in a wind storm and replanted by the home association.

    My most prized possessions are a invitation mailed by Rose to a friend’s reception, a dumpling recipe of Laura’s that I wrote on a piece of notebook paper owned by her, and a handkerchief owned by Laura.

  6. Connie Neumann says:

    Oh my goodness….this is my ongoing topic of delight and distress: organizing my LIW things. My home office is my “Laura” room with a full file cabinet, full bookcase, treadle sewing machine with books on the treadle, and my traveling baskets of whatever I am currently working on (handwork, comparison of LIW to Beatrix Potter, etc.). The closet holds my costumes and sewing materials for sewing and quilting. My computer desk is an antique ladies’ writing desk which still needs a partner desk chair (somehow the folding chair with an extra pillow cushion doesn’t quite match!). Little nic-nacs like buttons and magnets are on a printer’s tray on the wall as well as framed photos or paintings. I made red-checked curtains for that room long ago. The labeled antiques that I use for my programs are in crates, trunks, baskets or on display on the fireplace and around the house. I am not posting photos because it’s over-flowing and not what I want to bare to the world just yet! Thanks for helping me look at it with new eyes again!

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