The Homesteader As Critic

I meant to post yesterday, but we got a little bogged down with The Man of the Place’s birthday. It was a sweet celebration.

We at the Homesteader are big fans of Pamela Smith Hill’s recent biography of Laura, Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life. Recently the catalog for the book’s publisher, the South Dakota State Historical Society Press, made its way into my mailbox. On page 4, where Laura Ingalls Wilder, A Writer’s Life was listed for sale, excerpts of reviews from three publications ran alongside the book listing, and the first publication quoted was the Homesteader. Later on when I checked the book’s page on the Press’s web site, I discovered they included quite a bit more than the excerpt in the catalog.

Haven’t read the book yet? You can try before you buy. The publisher offers a preview of Chapter 1 in PDF form.

3 Responses to The Homesteader As Critic

  1. jonni says:

    The SDSHS just blogged about your blog….now maybe you should blog about them blogging about your blog and keep it going! 😉

  2. I’m getting dizzy already!

  3. sgaissert says:

    Terrific news, Sandra! Ah, the ever-expanding web!

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