Jack the Pit Bull?

I ran across the following phrase today:

“Laura Ingalls Wilder owned a pit bull.”

My finger was poised over the delete key, ready to send this automatically-generated spammy Google alert to its rightful place in the recycle bin. Then I stopped. I thought about it. Couldn’t “pit bull” = “pit bulldog”? A brindle bulldog! By God, maybe it was a pit bull that went to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

I’m not so up on my dog-opedia, so I don’t know anything about Jack or what exactly a “brindle” bulldog is. I’m sure someone out there does, though. I’ll poke around and let you know what I find, because now I’ve got that curious itch.


2 Responses to Jack the Pit Bull?

  1. 'B. says:

    “Brindle” is just a colour pattern in dog coats. Not that this is definitive in any way, but my old books appear to illustrate Jack as an English Bulldog or thereabouts.

  2. Sarah Sue says:

    Unfortunately, this has made some kind of list that the pro-Pit bull fanatics have started passing around to defend their dogs. I’ve followed up with a couple of the newspapers that have printed it, none of them have any background for it. (I followed this same merry-go-round trying to pin down some anti-gambling stuff for one of our instructors a few years ago, they get a list and just repeat it over and over again like an echo chamber.) Pit Bulls and bulldogs are different breeds. My guess is there is no back ground for it, that somebody just misremembered bulldog when they were coming up with every possible defense. I’ve tried to get retractions or clarifications printed, but if the “fierce” defense of accuracy in their pages that I’ve run into is standard, I can see why they are starting to fade.

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