Parenting “Little House” Style–If Only We Could

One of the most venerable online publications, Slate, has delivered my favorite type of writing: the kind that combines Laura Ingalls Wilder, modern times, and parenting all in one:

This tempts me to let loose the Laura Ingalls Wilder lecture. No, I won’t spare you. In The Little House in the Big Woods, when Laura is about 5, she gets one rag doll named Charlotte. One.

Here’s the full article.


One Response to Parenting “Little House” Style–If Only We Could

  1. Laura says:

    I fully agree. As I look back on my parenting I think I gave my children too much. I didn’t have a deprived childhood but I also wasn’t given the excessive gifts that we gave our children because my parents simply couldn’t afford it. I didn’t want my girls to feel that way. I don’t think they ever felt entitled to anything but they didn’t appreciate what they had as much as I think they should have.
    When I do my Laura presentation I talk about how precious toys were to pioneer children and how they were often created by the child from things on hand.

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