Charles Ingalls in Illinois

As a writer and lifelong Laura Ingalls Wilder fan, I never tire of learning about yet another curious person digging into Laura’s life, or tangents of it. Here’s another researcher’s spin on Pa’s early, pre-Caroline years — in Kane County in northern Illinois.


2 Responses to Charles Ingalls in Illinois

  1. Dennis D. Picard says:

    Well, this is great; at last the male side of the family gets some space LOL. I’ve always thought “Pa” needs more study. What effect did growing up – at least his younger years – in Cuba NY have on his worldly outlook? What about his Yankee aka Vermont raised mother? Did his mom influence how he approached “his girls?” What about the Civil War question; did he serve? There doesn’t seem to be any record that he did. He would have been of the right age, and there were militia laws in Wisconsin he was subject to in late 1850s onward through the War. If he didn’t, why not? Maybe there are some articles I’ve missed that someone can direct me to about Charles that speaks to some of this.

  2. sgaissert says:

    Thank you for this, Sandra. I always wish there were more things to know about Pa. I think about him a lot and wish he’d kept a diary!

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