Why I Heart Google Alerts

I’ve got my Google alerts set up to send me any news or blog mentions of topics various and sundry that I happen to enjoy. One of these topics is our beloved Laura.

Today my Google alerts sent me here.

How much do I love when contemporary, talented, adult writers analyze the “Little House” books? When they draw the timeless lessons into our present-day lives? So much.

Lizzie Skurnick of The Old Hag, a regular contributor to Jezebel with her weekly column Fine Lines, today offers us an analysis of The Long Winter as it relates to our current financial crisis. Turns out, there are lots of lessons to be gleaned from that winter that could apply to today’s economic situation. She even threatens to photocopy a quote of Pa’s for Hank Paulson. Do it, Lizzie. Do it.

Go on, read and enjoy. And come back and tell me what you thought.

(Has anyone else’s mind, as the word “panic” has been bandied about, uncontrollably jump to “The Panic of ’94”?)


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