Laura Ingalls Wilder on Twitter

Laura Ingalls Wilder is all over the web with her own web sites, blogs, and email fan groups. Now she even has two identities over at Twitter: HalfPintIngalls, which is sassy and smarmy and enjoying a bit of notoriety, and the more sedate LIngallsWilder, where curiously she seems to be chatting with no one but her daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.


2 Responses to Laura Ingalls Wilder on Twitter

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been watching LIngallsWilder and Rose with some interest in recent weeks, admittedly very curious to their real identity. I’d seen HalfPintIngalls on Twitter before too but not having anywhere near the right “feel” for Laura in my opinion, I hadn’t bothered watching that one… but the implication fromHalfPint’s feed today is that she and the other are one and the same? Either that or she’s still just playing along, rather than call the new person an imposter. 😉 What do you think? 🙂

  2. jonni says:

    Oh I don’t know….HalfPinIngalls is just being naughty and thinking complaints in her head. She cracks me up! I wish I’d been smart enough to think of it….kudos to whoever is doing it all.

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