The Friendly Complaint

December 3, 2008

Nancy at Pioneer Girl strikes again — and in a big way. She’s sleuthed out the legal complaint filed by Friendly Family Productions against Independence and has posted it on her web site. It’s 31 pages, and it’s eye-opening. Thank you, Nancy.


Bill Kurtis Featured in Chicago Tribune

December 2, 2008

Bill Kurtis is a class act. Bill Kurtis is funny. Bill Kurtis is the subject of this article in the Chicago Tribune. It’s a good read anyway, but make sure you read until the end for Info on the lawsuit tucked on the second page. Excerpt:

“The Kansas museum is flouting the law,” says Trip Friendly, head of Friendly Family Productions. “They will tell you they are only operating a small museum in Kansas, but the fact is that Mr. Kurtis and his sister are running a vigorous retail store on the Internet … selling a wide variety of unauthorized merchandise bearing the Little House on the Prairie mark.”

Mmmmmm kay.